• Stars of the Snow - 2004

    2004 Stars of the Snow
  • Stars of the Snow - 2005

    2005 Stars of the Snow
  • Stars of the Snow - 2006

    2006 Stars of the Snow
  • Stars of the Snow - 2007

    2007 Stars of the Snow
  • Stars of the Snow - 2011

    2011 Stars of the Snow

Take one of the most memorable trips you will ever take in your life!

Stars of the Snow is a three day snowmobiling adventure of a lifetime organized by Waterblasting Technologies.


Years ago my late friend Merlin Card kept nagging / inviting me to go Snowmobiling in West Yellowstone MT. Finally in 2004 I caved and managed to convince some friends along as well. There were 9 of us that first year and we hadn’t gone 3 miles down the trail in Yellowstone National Park and stopped and got off our sleds to enjoy the inconceivable view. I remember being overcome with emotion that in the business of life, I nearly passed up on this trip because I was just too busy. Everyone is just so busy. I remember standing there and making myself a promise to bring as many people as I could to this amazing place to experience all of its wonders.

We’ve now organized trips 9 out of the last 12 years and I’ve enjoyed this amazing experience with nearly 300 people. I’m excited to announce that we are going back again in 2017. The beauty of traveling down a woodsy trail at a leisurely pace or racing snowmobiles at amazing speeds across a frozen lake or narrow trails contributes to the unforgettable experience. Gliding across open fields filled with more than six feet of snow gives the sensation of riding on air. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet many new friends, enjoy relaxing evenings in the hot tub or by the fire at the lodge, and enjoy dinner with new or old friends.

We organize all the details and find the best deals we can on everything from ground transportation and accommodation, to sled rentals, guides, park passes, cold weather gear etc. We provide options on how you wish to ride or who you wish to ride with. Accommodation is made for every level of rider no matter your riding experience or zest for speed, hill climbing, deep snow riding or perhaps you wish to take a very leisurely pace.

If you are interested in participating, visit www.starsofthesnow.com to apply and find answers to frequently asked questions.