Waterblasting Technologies was founded in 1988 by its current President & CEO, James P. Crocker. It began as a small pressure cleaning company named Pressure Cleaning Services Inc., primarily servicing the residential community. After becoming a thriving and successful residential and commercial painting company in 1995, high pressure water jet pumps became a valued part of the business in removing paint and various coatings. The opportunity soon arose to use these high pressure water jet pumps to remove road markings. Mr. Crocker was fascinated with the speed at which the markings were removed and the jets ability to remove such tough materials without substantially damaging the road surface.

Waterblasting Technologies has become the clear market leaders worldwide with more units working around the globe than our 5 closest competitors combined. We will work tirelessly to maintain this position by always thinking outside the box and listening to our customers concerns.

Waterblasting Technologies manufactures the Stripe Hog® Waterblasting System and Smart Vac® Vacuum Systems which are used to remove rubber deposits from touchdown zones on runways and all types of traffic markings from asphalt and concrete runways and roadways.

To learn more about Waterblasting Technologies, visit http://www.waterblastingtechnologies.com/


In January of 2015, the Science Channel came to Waterblasting Technologies to film a segment for an upcoming episode of their hit television series How It’s Made.

The How It’s Made team spent the day with us filming portions of the manufacturing process of a Stripe Hog Wasterblasting System for a segment entitled “Runway Cleaners.”

We are proud to announce that our segment has aired and want to share it with you below!

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